• Voices.com

    “We now know the originating source of millions of dollars of sales”
    David Ciccarelli, CEO, Voices.com


    Voices.com facilitates the production of what you often hear (literally) but never think twice about-- the voice-overs on radio and television. The company creates a marketplace to find, hire and pay, professional voice-over talent.


    According to CEO David Ciccarelli, the company was facing many questions like:

    • Where do our customers come from?

    • Which marketing tactics had the most impact?

    • How can we better target audiences?

    He says the company growth strategy centers on being meticulous in online marketing efforts. And it’s one of the reasons they’ve been able to avoid wasteful ad spending and answer their biggest questions when it comes to online marketing.

    “The challenge we were encountering before Bizible was not knowing exactly where our leads were coming from. Our marketing team was doing a lot to attract new leads, but we really weren’t sure which specific tactics had the most impact,” says Ciccarelli.


    The team at Voices.com chose Bizible because it integrates with Salesforce, a system the entire team uses on a daily basis, and is a great complement to Pardot, their marketing automation platform.

    Now Voices.com’s deals have marketing source data showing the originating channel, the landing page, and even the keyword if the customer originally came from a search term.

    “It was a streamlined process which made using this powerful new tool straightforward. Being able to save on resources and track exactly what works best for Voices.com means that we are now able to focus on high-value initiatives. Bizible helps us track the results on those, too,” says Ciccarelli. 

    For example, when the team saw a spike in new user signups they were unsure which marketing tactic elicited the spike. The Voices.com team ran a report on where the traffic was coming from and found the answer: the company logo was placed on a third party website. Voices.com could now track the number of sign ups that came as a result of the placement.  

    “We’ve identified $50,000 of wasteful spending and have eliminated these advertising channels going forward,” says Ciccarelli. “Bizible has identified hundreds of referral sources of 6,000+ deals done in the last year. This means that we now know the originating source of millions of dollars of sales."

    The team at Voices.com says marketers should use Bizible because it eliminates the guessing game and allows marketers to make accurate, informed decisions.

    Ciccarelli describes Bizible as the tool that will ultimately drive the company's strategic marketing plan for years to come.

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